Thursday, May 14, 2015

American Woolly makes himself at home!

Following his adventures across America, American Woolly is clearly making himself at home.
Silly Beano! :o)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Flippin' football boots!

B decided this week that he NEEDED a pair of football boots.  Not WANTED, but NEEDED.  Which I thought was a pretty odd request considering he's injured his ankle and can barely walk without the 'ouch, ouch, ouch!' noises that boys make when they are injured (slightly) and want sympathy (a lot!).

With my anxiety/depression the way it is right about now, I really couldn't face going over to the sports shop and trying on a million shoes, only for him to choose a ridiculously expensive pair which I would have to refuse, thus making me feel a) mean b) horrible and c) the worst mum in the history of the world - ever.  This didn't help when he told me that he 'kind of' knew which pair he wanted because it was the same as one of the footballers wear.  Yikes.  Now please don't get me wrong, I will buy my children what they need and when they need it, but I do think some things can be stupidly overpriced, and therefore taking this out of the equation, I decided to shop online.

Now I am very lucky with my children in that thankfully, they like what they like.  They are not swayed by branded names and designer this, that and the other.  B still, approaching 13 is not bothered at having the latest whatever, and they are content with what they have.  I therefore used this in my favour by showing him pictures of boots, without the prices, therefore controlling my spending.

BUT and this is the huge BUT in online shopping, which (admittedly) took me by surprise....the online shop I was looking at were pretty sneaky.  It said 'prices from' and then - it changed the bloody price depending on what size you chose! 

Sneaky or what?!

B is an adult size 6 (I think) which basically means he is in the largest size they do for kids school shoes in some places and well past it in other places (most will stop at size 5).  Adult sizes it is then, which I believe means that it then has to include VAT (added tax to my non English readers).  He's 13!  So I decided to opt for a size 7 in case they came up smaller, and also to get a bit more wear out of them.  But as it turned out 7 seemed to be the MOST EXPENSIVE size?!  Size 6 - cheap, size 8 - cheap, size 7 - ooh let's whack on a few quid.  Thanks for that.

Anyway, these arrived today, and he'd opened them and tried them out before I could even take the picture (hence the mud!).

He'd better wear them now!!

Have you ever been stung by online shopping in this way?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bronte's bow

Bronte has taken to going to school this week with her hair in bunches, which look really sweet.  And then, she came home from school with a beautiful hair bow in her hair...which wasn't there in the morning?!

Where did it come from?

I said what a lovely hair bow it was and she said that she got given it from a classmate.  I said we had best check with the little girls Mum that she was OK to have the hair bow, as it looked very nice and new. 

Bronte clammed up, and then I knew this wasn't quite the *whole* story.

Was it from the dressing up box?  No.
Where was it from?
And more importantly, how to deal with this?

Eventually I get the basic facts that she had found the hair bow (don't ask me where!) and asked a teacher to put it in her hair.  Obviously the teacher thought it was hers.  It wasn't.

I was, of course, quite concerned because she has never done anything like this before - taking something which is not hers, and then not telling the truth about it.  We have since returned it to the school, and apologised to her teacher, but I swear this bow will haunt me forever!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bronte, Woolly and American Woolly's bike ride

Before we went to America, Bronte was obsessed with Woolly, right?  And then we brought ANOTHER Woolly which we named 'American Woolly'.  And now she's obsessed by them both!

She wisely made the decision to remove American Woolly's American flag pin badge, because she didn't want to lose it (she wasn't bothered about hurting herself on it, surprisingly).

And so the pair of them look a bit like this:

One is dirty and scruffy (old Woolly) and one is spotless and well travelled (American Woolly).  Can you tell which is which?  Ha.

Instead of sleeping with just one Woolly, she sleeps with two. 
Instead of carrying round just one Woolly, she carries round two.
You get the gist....?

When she decided she wanted to go for a bike ride, of course they both had to come with us!  So we strapped them in the back and off they went!

I can't help but think we have fuelled the Woolly you agree?

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Woolly's Las Vegas Adventure - in full

The story starts here, in case you missed it.
American Woolly enjoyed his adventures in Las Vegas.  He was very well behaved.
It all started on the plane....

He liked the hotel room too, he especially liked the view from the window over Las Vegas.

Here he is posing outside the hotel.  In case you haven't guessed, he loves to pose.  :o)

He enjoyed driving to, and then being at Lake Mead.

He was a bit scared at the Hoover Dam because it was quite windy, and I had to keep a hold of him very tight.  The last thing I wanted was to lose him on the first day of the trip!

I am pretty sure I did get some odd looks carrying him about and posing him here, there and everywhere!

We sometimes just stopped to take picture with the beautiful scenery.

We watch Pawn Stars on TV, and this is their real shop.

The scenery everywhere was just beautiful.

Goodsprings was particularly lovely, although we didn't see any ghosts (thank goodness!).

We also watch Tanked on TV, this is their real place of business too.

American Woolly had to move from the dashboard to the side of the car as he kept getting in the way of making our America video...he did eventually end up on the back seat, but shhh! Don't tell Bronte!

The water in the background is the Colorado River.

The Grand Canyon was huge.  American Woolly wanted to make a huge spider web across it, but we said no.

We travelled over 2000 miles.

He went to In N Out Burger and on Route 66.

To Little Ale Inn and well, he saw so many amazing sights.

He went to Vamp'd Bar, which is owned by the same people who own Counts Kustoms, another TV programme we watch on TV.  He wasn't allowed a beer as you have to be 21 to drink in America.

He met a new friend....

...and saw an epic old car.

If American Woolly could talk, I wonder what adventures  he would tell you? xx

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Las Vegas - on our way home!

Day 12 - Tuesday 5th May

We are on our way home.

Full of tales and adventures.  I am very sad to be saying goodbye to America.

See you soon! xx

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Las Vegas - Day 11

Day 11 - Monday 4th May

Our last day in Las Vegas.  :o(

We have been packing and getting our final things here in Las Vegas.  I was very lucky enough to be allowed to get this Las Vegas exclusive Pandora charm set for my bracelet that Phil brought me last month.  I love the charms.

This holiday has been amazing.  In addition to spending time with each other we have seen so many things and visited so many places.  It has truly been incredible.
Thank you so much to Phil for allowing this trip to happen. xxx
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