Sunday, June 13, 2010

Race for Life 2010 (After!) :o)

If you compete in a Race for Life, you get a pink sign to put on your back, telling people who you are racing for.

Here was M this morning, writing her sign:

Here it is:

It says 'I Race for Life for' and then between us we wrote 'My 'fairy' Godmother Auntie Dot'. M then drew Auntie Dot, and two flowers.

Here is mine:

It says 'I Race for Life for' and then I wrote 'Auntie Dot, (Asbestos Lung Cancer), 29th May 2010'. And a sad face. :o(

And so, onto business! This was M in her 'full costume':

Lots of pink things, although because of the rain, she opted not to wear the bunny ears for the race. She ended up putting a pink jogging top on as well, because it was cold!

B was called upon for his photography skills. After a couple of false starts (including one pic of the settee?!) here are the two best ones he took:

Me with Bronte. Who incidentally, refused ALL DAY to look at the camera!

I wore a pink vest top, and then a pink 'Race for Life' t-shirt over it. And seeing as I don't own anything else pink I wore my jeans.

Oh, I did have a pink cardigan top, which ended up between my two tops, with the 'Race for Life t-shirt on the top, when I realised it wasn't going to stop raining!

And me with my two girls!

We made our way to Darlington, and not being entirely sure where to go, we kept our eyes open for lots of lovely ladies wearing PINK. Soon, we found them, and found somewhere to park. We loaded Miss Bronte into her pushchair and set off for the park. By this time, it was raining harder! :o(

When we arrived at the park, M was SO excited. She put on her raincoat and even the weather refused to make her sad.

Miss Bronte, well, perhaps not so. She doesn't look too happy. What do you think?

She looks like she might be thinking 'oh my goodness, what is that noise on the top of my pushchair? Oh, it's RAIN!'

The atmosphere was fabulous, right from the start. I must admit, I found it very overwhelming because until that moment, I don't think I fully realised how many people are affected by cancer. So many people had several names on their backs. In memory of Mams, Dads, Cousin whoevers, friends, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas/Nans, sad.

M was interested to find out who people were running the race for. So she kept asking me to read people's pink signs. I did this for her, and she listened carefully to what I was saying to her. I was very pleased that she was very thoughtful and I was very proud of her for wanting to find out so much information about other people, people who she didn't know, and would probably never meet again.

We listened to the local radio station do some crowd pleasing songs (involving a sing a long and actions), then a spot live on air, and also then some warm up exercises. Then, it was soon 11 o'clock - the runners were called first, followed by the joggers and then the walkers. Walkers, that's us! Nearly time to start!

The walk itself seemed to go relatively quickly. Before the race, they indicated that pushchairs would go at the back, last of all, but then they didn't call us! And so we ended up towards the back of the walkers. Which was not good, because I wanted to get 'a good time'! And so we managed to overtake quite a few walkers, by keeping to the sides, and going on the grass where necessary. Great stuff! I think I got a bit competitive. Haha.

M was happy walking along, looking around her, and asking me to read people's back signs, bless her. We talked about all sorts of things, and I think she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I was super-suprised that she didn't ask 'how much longer?' or complain that she was tired. I honestly thought she would have (and if you know M, you'd know why - she constantly complains! lol). I was so proud of her and how she behaved.

We plodded along, overtaking people where possible and then, after weaving our way through the park, this way and that....the end was in sight! How did that happen?!

The home stretch was the longest bit, how odd was that?!

Our time? One hour and eight (and a half) minutes! Which I thought was pretty good.

We lined up for out medal, pink goody bag (filled with a couple of samples) and a bottle of water. Phew!

This is M after the race, with her medal. She was so happy!

She then took this one of me (eek!). Before you look at it - by this point, I was EXHAUSTED. Pushing the pushchair at lightening speed (or what felt like it!) is NOT what I usually do (I usually dawdle along at a snail's pace!). Also, pushing through mud is HARD! Not that I am complaining, I am just explaining my bedraggled appearance! lol

Remember it had been raining too! :o)

Seeing as P and B stayed at home due to the rain, we sadly didn't have anyone to take a photo of all three of us after the race, and so we had to make do with this self-portrait!

Two very happy people. And two very tired people!

M was so happy, in fact, just as we collected our medals for finishing the race, she said that she wanted to do it next year.....BUT.....she wanted to RUN it! Aherm, sounds *interesting* (Mammy doesn't 'do' running, like, erm, EVER!). But yes, we'll definately do this again, I hope.

Thank you for all of your good luck thoughts and wishes. And for the sponsors, I won't know until later in the week, but I think we might have reached the £500 mark! Fantastic! xx


twiggypeasticks said...

Good on you girls!!
Twiggy x

4smartmonkeys said...

Way to go chickies!!! Through the rain and all:)

Bagladee said...

Congratulations Nicola you and your girls did your Aunty Dot proud and all those others affected by Cancer. Huge hugs to you all. xxx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

WEll done you guys and what a shame the weather was a little damp... mind you I got rediculously sunburnt on Saturday as I didn't realise it was that sunny as it was quite breezy! arrgh!

x Alex

Josie said...

well done on finishing!
Josie x

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