Monday, April 02, 2012

M's eczema

M was diagnosed with eczema last summer, although at the time it was only very slight - a few spots covering her bottom. She was given some hydrocortizone cream to use (sparingly) when it was really bad, and diprobase to use twice daily on the affected areas.

M is finding her eczema very hard to come to terms with, she hates it when her skin is bad, and when she scratches it, it makes it worse - and it bleeds - she gets distressed. She is only just turned 7 years old, and she doesn't like it that she can't use 'normal' scented products like I can, or like B and Bronte can. I have brought a variety of non-scented bath products for her including Simple and Sanex and made it out to her that they are HER 'special' products for her skin, so that has been OK.

And after a plea on Twitter for recommendations for products that would not aggravate her skin, M was kindly send these to try from the E45 Junior range:

Which was both very kind and thoughtful, and she has indeed enjoyed using them. We had previously reviewed the Foaming Bath Milk towards the end of last year, so it was lovely to try out the rest of the range.

Recently she went back to the doctor after her eczema had almost cleared up, but then quickly returned and she has now been given a different cream to use instead of Diprobase. The new cream is called Cetraben - this appears to be working, although the doctor did say that she would go through bouts of her skin being clear(er), and then returning. :o(

It just doesn't seem fair to her, especially in hot weather, as her skin is all red and spotty from when she scratches in the night, which is purely caused by the hot weather. It appears to get better and then get worse. I don't understand. I feel so sorry for her. She doesn't like putting her cream on, and when she misses it either morning or night, it doesn't improve. And when we DO tell her to put it on, she gets upset and says she just wants to have 'normal skin'.

I know that lots of children do have excema and so if you do have any recommendations for products or things to try, please let me know. M has been sent a product which we are currently reviewing, so please pop back towards the end of the week to read the review of B Organic's soothing body balm.

If you would like to find out more about eczema, have a look here.

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