Thursday, May 10, 2012

B's First Holy Communion Preparation #8

B's FINAL First Holy Communion class was on Saturday 28th April. I can't believe that we are nearly at the end of his journey already. I am pleased to have been able to share the journey with you all. :o)

The final class centred around the children learning to take the bread and wine! Oh yes. With the help of chocolate buttons and ritz crackers to begin with, and then onto the real stuff. I was very proud of B - being the fussy little thing that he is, I thought there would be a real nightmare to get him to actually take this...but he was fine. Phew.

We did have a moment before we left for Church when he said to me, 'Mam shall I wear something non-violent?!' in reponse to last month him wanting to wear a skull and crossbones t-shirt!

I wanted to make sure that B said a proper thank you to each of the four ladies who had taken their time to lead the classes each month. B thought it was a good idea too, he likes giving gifts to people to make them happy, and so I asked him to write them each a little thank you card, and we got them a small pack of chocolates as a token gift.

They were each pleased with their gift and seemed really touched that we took the time to do this.

And so our journey on B's First Holy Communion is nearly over....however I do hope you will pop back to hear about his First Holy Communion - it is on the evening Mass of Saturday 19th May. I'll try and blog about it straightaway. :o) xx

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