Sunday, August 05, 2012

Bronte's birthday! :o)

The most frequently heard phrase this past week in our house has been 'can I have XXX for my birfday?' - usually said to various toys and also, rather oddly to a blue coloured bracelet and ring on the Antiques Roadshow TV programme, later valued to be worth over £5,000!

So yes, you would be right in thinking that we have indeed had a BIRFDAY! Bronte is 3 - blimey, how did that happen?! :o)

At her request we made a birthday cake - a chocolate one, of course! Decorated with her favourite sweets - fudge pieces, buttons and a Freddo frog! YUM.

The problem was we had NO idea what to get her. At all. So we decided to take her to Toys R Us on the morning of her birthday, and let her choose. It could have been dangerous, I realise this, but she had fun.

We then went to TGI Friday's for a lovely meal. Check us out!

The waitress very kindly took a picture of all five of us.

Here is B:


And the birthday girl, Bronte:

We told them it was her birthday and so she got the Happy Birthday song and free chocolate cake!

Mmmm. Her and B had much fun eating it all up!

And so, I bet you arer still guessing what she got from Toys R Us, right? Well she picked a Peppa Pig bath toy boat...

...and some Littlest Pet shop toys.

She also got a carry case for the Littlest Pet Shop toys, a Peppa Pig DVD and also a Princess Barbie.

And then we had MORE cake!

Do you want to see a close up? Here you go!

And so, as you can see Bronte had a GREAT birthday! Thank you for all the kind messages and birthday wishes xx

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